MOS 5-Point Parasha - Ki Tavo 5779


Here is our weekly "5-Point Parasha", a short list of what we are enjoying or pondering, as it relates to life and Torah.

Here's what Rabbi Sherril is thinking about as the High Holydays approach...

In ancient times, as long as there was daylight, the gates of the Temple were kept open. All who wanted to could enter. The last service of Yom Kippur day is called Ne’ilah. During that service we encounter an alphabetical acrostic prayer that begins, “Open for us the gates of righteousness, and we shall enter to praise You.” Each one of these gates has a name that represents a human quality: for example, there is a gate of atonement, a gate of compassion, one of dignity, generosity, hope, joy, kindness, love, melody, renewal, simplicity, truth, and wonder. The list begins with sha'arei orah -- Gate of Light [orah begins with aleph] and ends with sha'arei t'shuvah -- Gate of Repentance [t'shuvah begins with tav). The old year is coming to a close, and a new one is about to begin. We ask to be sealed in the Book of Life, to be given another chance to pass through the various gates and find the potential that lies within us and before us. What is the particular gate that is before you right now? What does it look like? Is it inviting or threatening? Is there light or darkness behind it? Is it open or closed? Does it present a spiritual challenge? Does it provide a blessing?

Here is what Rabbi Sherril is reading…

Talking to Strangers by Malcolm Gladwell Malcolm Gladwell writes, in the New York times: “Perhaps one shouldn’t always feel bad about getting someone utterly wrong. Sometimes one is bested by a master. In November 2004, I went to interview Bernard Madoff for The Economist and was won over. I told friends that I trusted this quiet, thoughtful man more than I trusted any of the dozen Wall Street loudmouths I’d talked to that year. It emerged in 2008 that he had been one of the biggest con men in history.” Read more here:

What they wrote about us in the Canadian Jewish News:

Thanks to reporter Janice Arnold for interviewing us and writing this lovely article about us in the paper.

What Rabbi Schachar is practicing for tonight's Friday Night service (see below):

Rabbi Sherril recommended that I learn to play Shir Yaakov's beautiful composition Higale Na. The words come Rabbi Elazar Azikri's prayer Yedid Nefesh.

Rabbi Schachar shares a Rosh Hashana and forgiveness quote from Rabbi Rami Shapiro:

"What if the other person refuses to forgive us? We must ask again. How many times must we ask? While Jesus said we must ask 490 times (7 times 70, as in Matthew 18:22), our rabbis capped it at three." -Rabbi Rami Shapiro

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Cantor Heather shares:

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