MOS 5-Point Parasha - Re'eh 5779


Here is our weekly "5-Point Parasha", a short list of what we are enjoying or pondering, as it relates to life and Torah.

Rabbi Schachar shares a short teaching on this week's parasha from Rabbi David Wolfe-Blank z"l:

-Metaparshiot, Re'eh 5757

What Podcast we are sharing:

Rabbi Amichai Lau-Lavie, from the innovative Lab Shul in NYC, speaks on "First Aid for Spiritual Seekers".

One of the many reasons that we are so excited for the High Holidays:

This Rosh Hashana, jazz singer Ayelet Rose-Gottlieb, will lead us in some creative vocal improv prayer. She has improvised at Carnegie Hall with vocal master Bobby McFerrin and recorded with John Zorn. We are extremely fortunate to have her with us. She recently moved to Montreal (NDG), with her family. This sample track features her riffing on Shir Hashirim, the Song of Songs. For more, see her website:

Rabbi Schachar shares a new timely song:

This Shabbat is the New Moon, Rosh Chodesh Elul/Betula/Virgo. Traditionally, Tehillim/Psalm 27 gets recited during the entire month of Elul until the holiday of Shemini Atseret. So many beautiful melodies have been written to this chapter of Psalms, including this one I recently discovered and appreciate, by Nava Tehilla on verse 8, "Lecha/lach amar libi...My heart has said, I turn to seek you. Your presence is what I beg for."

Our favourite MOS participant quote of the week:

"I'm so happy to discover a community where I can just be me!"

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